Sunday, February 5, 2012

Training Season - it's ON!

It's February.
I haven't posted since 1/7/12.
That's unacceptable.
Since my last post, I started the official 12-week training program for the Cook Forest 1/2 Marathon.
Yes! That's the one I (over)trained for last year and then was unable to run it.
Fast-forward to today - I may not be a year faster, but I am a year smarter and have promised to train smarter and stick with the plan.
I am also thrilled to have 3 friends running the 1/2 this year - that makes for a lot of motivation.
First, there's Amy. She's an amazing runner, a wonderful person, and I'm so thrilled to be running with her. We have been training 'together' at a distance, as we live 4 hours apart. We do our training and then email each other our updates on Saturday (although she is always the one who initiates the exchange - thanks Aim!)

Next, there are Sandy and Mary. 2 truly amazing people. I work with Sandy and we're similar in that we both started running not too long ago. Mary has been running for a bit longer - she is just amazing. I've learned so much about running just by watching her at races (she's always ahead of me, I just try and keep up).
This is Mary and I at the Turkey Trot in November.
 Here comes Sandy in from her 12-miler yesterday.

So, the training has been going well  - I track it all on Mapmyrun.
Don't want to bore with details, but the basic plan is
Sunday - rest or cross-train (I've been keeping it a rest day)
Monday - cross train (usually circuit training class at work)
Tuesday - 3 - 4 mile run
Wednesday - 3-4 mile run
Thursday 3-4 mile run
Friday - rest
Saturday- long run (yesterday was my longest - 8.87 miles with the Altoona runner's group)

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Hetrick family said...

You are doing so amazing!!! So happy to be training together....err...kind of!!!!