Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Year in Review

I just took a look back @ my 2011 goals - Wow! I'm just a tad off on those....
I had BIG plans for 2011 and although it wasn't a total bust, I didn't really accomplish any of my goals. I really feel like this 2nd year of running has been my sophomore slump, starting with the knee injury and not running the Cook Forest 1/2 marathon. The other goals I missed included my weight loss goal, running all YMCA races, and running a 15K. OK - enough of this crap of what I didn't do. This year wasn't a total bomb - I did accomplish some really great milestones.
Highlights of 2011:

 551.56 *
(* I'm not 100% sure this is the accurate # because I didn't track any runs during part of April, May or June - I know I took some time off from my injury, but I also recall feeling so defeated that I slacked on recording anything I, I'm guessing this estimate is off by a few miles)

2011 RACES:
4/10/11 - A 5k to Remember: 28:49
7/4/11 - 4th of July 5k: 27:08
7/16/11 - Liberty Days 5k: 25:34 (2nd place finish)
7/30/11 - Ebensburg Homecoming 5K: 28:08
9/25/11 - Pittsburgh Great Race 10k: 58:30
11/24/11 - Turkey Trot 5k: 28:01 (I'm still mad about that :01)
12/31/11 - Twilight 5k race: Yet to come :)

5k to Remember
4th of July 5k - felt good to get back out on the race circuit after the knee injury.
1-mile test run: 7:47!

 Pittsburgh's Great Race

 Bicycling (stationary and trail)
~ 75 miles on the bike this year
Jeremy and I on our 'date.' 13-mile bike ride on the Ghost town trail!
Although 2011 isn't over yet, I'm starting to wonder what 2012 will bring?
Stay tuned!


Hetrick family said...

You have much to be proud of in 2011. :) We need to pick a run in your area this summer. We'll do it together, and camp at your place after!!!! We HAVE to make it a once of year thing!

HudkinsFamily said...

Aim - that sounds great! I can tell you that the Cresson 5k will probably be May 20 (date still tbd); there will also be the 4th of July race in Altoona (7/4/12) and Ebensburg usually had their 5k toward the end of June. We have lots to pick from.