Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Date

I was browsing through my blog control panel and saw that I had a 'draft' blog post - meaning I started a post but never finished it. The post was titled "A Date," just like this one. Then I realized that I meant to create this lovely little blog post after Jeremy and I had a special date.
It was September 18 and the weather was cool; sunny, but cool.
We loaded our bikes up and headed out to the Ghost Town Trail. Now here's the thing. We both bought bikes years ago but it's a shame how much little we use our bikes. We have been wanting to ride this trail for at least a decade. We were a little excited to actually get this chance.
We decided to ride about 7 miles out and back (that's big time mileage for 2 people who haven't been on bikes in quite some time).

Stopping along the way to learn about a long-lost town, Beula. Beula makes me think of the part in Ferris Bueller's Day Off when the teacher, Ben Stein, keeps saying, "Bueller, Bueller, Beula...."

Obviously, I didn't have the camera much.

The way out was a slow long grade downhill.....that meant the way back was a slow long grade UPhill. We stopped often to stretch our legs and take some photos.
Love this guy!

Great date.
Blog post - better late than never!

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Hetrick family said...

My goal is to do better at commenting on the blogs I stalk.

Here goes:

You are Jerm are my favorite couple. guys should teach a class on loving your spouse right! I'd be the first to sign up. I want to be around you more because I could learn a thing or two!