Friday, November 26, 2010

My First Turkey Trot!

Thanksgiving morning - Ebensburg Area Running Club sponsored a
Turkey Trot 5K! Their hope was 50-100 runners. They got over 200! I was one of those 200 runners. We woke up to a 'wintry mix.' I never ran in the rain (not even a summery shower) let alone a wintry mix. I didn't know what to wear, I didn't know how to prepare myself.

This is the main intersection in Ebensburg - notice the trees in the distance are FROZEN!

Not having the opportunity for many photos, Jeremy shot this one of me prior to the race. I think this is my "I-must-be-crazy-for-signing-up-for-this" face. Or maybe I was just trying to keep the rain/sleet out of my face. I decided to run with a rain coat (in addition to the many layers I had on to keep me warm) to try an keep as much of me dry as possible. Check out that super-cute hat. It's from Turtle Fur, a company in Vermont that makes cold-weather accessories. And also check out my Relay For Life rain coat - I earned that for raising over $1000 for Relay in 2007 (it's a little big....I was a tad larger then).

The race finished near the fire station and we were allowed to go in to get warmed up and dry off. Imagine the pure joy of my boys when they found out that we got to hang out in the fire station with about 7 different fire trucks............Jude kept insisting that we go find the 'old-fashioned' fire truck and finally we walked into the side garage and found an antique fire truck. We've never been in this fire station before and have NO idea how he knew it was in there. I guess when you're that into fire trucks you can just sense those things.

As you can see, the rain coat didn't really keep me too dry. You can see the big water marks on my shirt and about 3/4 of my legs were wet. The rain just kept beating my face and although my initial strategy was to try and run around or jump over the puddles (which I came to realize lost me precious time), I eventually gave in and welcomed the refreshing, freezing water gushes into my shoes!

Smiles! Looking a little wiped out. For some reason, it took me about 15 minutes to recover from this run. I felt light-headed and nauseated. I'm not sure if it was because I ate breakfast too early or the cold/wet run? Here's my stuff!

I don't think I realized that Jeremy was taking this picture, but I think it's kinda funny.

Me with my boys - no matter how I do in races, they (including the one behind the camera) are always at the finish line waiting for me and cheering me on (even in the wintry mix). They are my everything.

So, a race is about racing and I've impressed myself this year with the number of times I've placed in the top 3 in my age category. This race wasn't one of them. I finished (unofficially) in 27:37 and that placed me last in my age category :( 
That's a bummer. I mean, someone has to be last, but it's no fun. It is a little motivating to be honest, though.
I'm not sure where I finished overall.

Next race is on December 31 @ Lakemont Park in Altoona. I'll run through the Holiday Lights on the Lake - that should be fun and exciting.


Sarah said...

Amy - you did amazing at the race! Everyone finished much slower than they hoped. But then again, everyone weighed 5-10 pounds heavier at the end of the race, thanks to the Great Turkey Day Monsoon of 2010. Love your hat! Congrats again.

HudkinsFamily said...

Thanks Sarah - it was a really good run and was so awesomely organized ;)