Saturday, October 30, 2010

SFU 5K Race - Jackson's 1st

Today was Jackson's 1st race- a 100 meter tot trot. It was part of the DiSepio Fitness Challenge. There were only 5 kiddos who ran it, but we're pretty sure that Jackson tied for first place (they didn't really keep time or award prizes for this race). I'm so proud of him - he said he liked running :)

Jackson just before his race
 Trying to work the 'sillies' out of systems before our races!
 The tots line up - just about ready to take off. It was so cold; pretty, though!

And they're off - Jackson loves this photo because both of his feet are off the ground!

And the 5K is off! I was really anticipating this race since I had a calf injury 2 weeks ago - I really only got 3 practice runs in before this race.
Course was tough - 4 significant hills, 1 mild hill, and several slow grades uphill (yes, there were a few down hills) - it really seemed that most of the course was uphill. If you know Loretto and the SFU campus, you can appreciate when I use the word, "hilly."
I started off pretty good - lots of people passing me. I was hoping to warm up quickly since the sun was out, but man was it cold - I don't know the exact temp @ start time but it was definitely under 40 degrees. It really took till about the 2 mile marker that I felt like I could take my gloves off.
 Here I am coming around the loop before heading out around campus. I was smiling for the camera- I think my lungs were burning a little at this point.
 Love this shot - it looks like I'm the only one running. This always happen to me - I'm somewhere in the middle - lots of people pass me and I always assume I'm like the last runner. I guess I just find this pace that no one else runs at - I'm not fast, but I'm not as slow as I think I am.
 All done - time: 27:54 - not my best, not my goal, but I'm OK with it (I guess). I really wanted this race to be my PR, but I was about 1:33 over that goal. I still ended up taking 2nd in my age category. And even if I came in in the 26-minute range, like I was hoping, I would've still taken a 2nd place, so I guess it worked out just as it should have :)
 My motivators, the reasons I run - my boys (including the one behind the camera ;) It was a really great race - well organized, amazing breakfast at the finish, nice medals, great facilities. Highly recommend it!

Jackson and I doing a practice run before his race - he's obviously faster than me :)

Running has been so good for me and so good to me. I really think it's the ultimate form of exercise. It's brought me such a long way. I think back to January and how overweight I was and, yes, it's taken a lot of hard work to get to this point, but I am so proud of my accomplishments. I am also so excited that this newly found love of running is catching on with friends and family, because, really, isn't getting healthier all about wanting to live your best life with your favorite people? I think so!

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