Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Training In Progress

Just a quick update on my 10K Training: It's going!
(taking off my sarcastic hat) Seriously - it's going well :)
I have been running 5-6 times per week and I've done a few runs that were at least 6.2 miles in length, so I know that I'll be able to at least get through the 10K without falling off the face of the earth :)
I also drove out to see the course and I realize that I'm going to need some hill training, so I have to work that in somehow.
I am starting to get more excited than nervouse about the race. I will continue to train really hard this week (I'm actually headed out in a few minutes for a distance treadmill run) and then slow it down just a bit next week to give my body more opportunities to rest and incorporate the muscle and endurance I've been building. I'll end next week with a massage the day before the race and then next Saturday, 8am, I'm off and running!

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