Saturday, August 14, 2010

Great Race!

Holy Moly - I set a personal best today, not just for races, but in all of my running training, practice runs, and races - my time today in the Portage Summerfest 5k was 26:38 - no, there's no typo there. My goal was to run it in  btw 28:00-28:20 and I thought in the back of my mind, "Wouldn't it be cool if I got even 1 second under 28:00!" But seriously, I thought my watch was wrong when I crossed the finish line. I ended up placing first in the DD category (Female, ages 30-34).

Today was also a big deal because one of my best friends, Kerri completed her 1st 5K race in her home town. She had a personal best today finishing in 31:41 and scoring herself a 3rd place finish in the EE category (Female, ages 35-39). A big congrats to her!

Kerri and I before the race started.

We're off (We are in there somewhere, I promise).

It was so great to see my guys along the course and here I was a little happy knowing that there was less than 1 mile to go.

Last spring of the race - look at my focus. Holy man.

My gang! Check out my trophy. Jackson was pretty proud of that. He said to me (I hope I remember this quote forever), "Mom, you need to sit down, look at that trophy, and realize what you just did!"

Lucky #73

The next question is, how in the world do I ever prepare to beat my new PR (personal record)?

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