Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day of Rest

Tomorrow is a DOR (day of rest) for me since I'll be running a race Saturday morn. I kinda have some goals for Saturday's race, but I never ran the course, so we'll see about the time goal:
#1 - Finish somewhere in the 28:00-28:20 range - that would be a PR (personal record) for me. I figure I'm not really to the point where I can compete against others in races yet, so I compete against myself and if I aim to set PRs @ each race, I will eventually get to the point where I can compete against others (maybe).
#2 (this one is a 'for-sure') - celebrate with my buddy, Kerri, on the completion of her first 5K race - hopefully completing her first race will be as inspirational to her as it was to me. I am so excited for her.
#3 - have a blast and try not to get so nervous - my first 3 races just about sent my level of nervousness through the roof. I am hoping to keep myself calm and focused and channel all that energy into my legs.

Next post will be photos of the race and details! In the meantime, check out the new WIDGET I created on the right hand side that counts down to the race :)

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