Sunday, August 1, 2010

3rd 5K

I ran my 3rd 5K race yesterday! Since I decided kinda last minute to run it, I didn't establish any goals for myself - just be proud of finishing. It was a really good race - I liked the course- all flat- it was on the Rails to Trails trail - we ran out 1/5 miles, turned around and ran back 1.5 miles and added .1 on at the end. It started @ 9am and that was really good for me because 8am races seem too early. Yesterday I was able to get up, eat a decent breakfast, and chill a little before we loaded everyone in the car and headed out. The weather was perfect - it was a little cool, but the sun was shining brightly.

Here I come as my fan club cheers me on - I could hear Jude shouting, "Go Momma!"
I crossed the finish line in 28:22 putting me 5th (out of 10) in my age group and 51st over all (I'm not sure how many racers, but there were more than 51 :)

Just finished - can't you tell by the smile?

My reason for EVERYTHING - my boys!

Maybe a future runner here? I'm trying to encourage it :)

Next race: August 15, 2010 - Portagefest

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